Monday, December 11, 2006

outta order - in typical lamma time

On December 2, the Lamma folks had to return to the scene of the crime from the Round Island Race and retrieve our darling Tai Nui.

These are images from the day, which was low in paddler numbers, but high in great weather, good water and some wonderful photo ops.

No paddlers were damaged in the makings of this website. Yet.

We do so know what we are doing.It was this big and I hit it with my paddle...
the photographer: Supah-Kev.
Yung Shue Wan, looking a little bit blah for no good reason.
You! Get your ass OFF the junk and INTO this boat.
And they listened!
Happy to be resting.
Dudes fishing for local fish monsters in the traffic lanes.
"Ha ha! You think I'm paddling back here?"

And yet we all survived. That is a turbo-jet.
It makes pate of paddlers
Good reach!
Married people with good timing. How odd.
The Western cargo yards. (freelance cargo yards...)
Calm waters outside Sulphur Channel.

Trade and Convention Centre and US!
The IFC2 and new Star Ferry Terminals
Star Ferry!
We tried, but we just couldn't catch them, and
then they started throwing crap at us...

So we got Tai Nui home where she is happy and contented with her forest bower. We might by her a new wax-job for Christmas. She already has lovely new lashings and such.

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