Monday, December 11, 2006

Lamma Fun Day

On October 22, the Lamma outrigger-ers decided to participate in fundraising on Lamma Fun Day.

Now lest you think that we were raising funds to have fun, I should explain that it is the other way around. We have fun to raise funds (tough life, no?).

So, along with many other denizens of Lamma, we got together and "sold seats" in the outriggers for the bargain price of $20HK for 10-15 minutes of paddling (most people could only really take about 10 minutes before they got tired or bored or both).

All monies went towards the Child Welfare Scheme, to improve the health, education and opportunities of disadvantaged children and youth. See their site here.

Yeah - so that was our MO for the day (that is, uhm, modus operandi, for them folks who dun't like de latinz).

This is Jon B prepping to steer a boat of charity-supporting folk (and a few regular paddlers). That is Gina, sitting on the ama and explaining the best way not to tip the boat over.

This is Anna - looking glam, as ever.

Katie decides to support the Child welfare scheme by drowning her own child R... A sudden change of heart? No - it's cause there were witnesses. Namely, her other child, Miss Cutey Pants J.
The Lamma Outrigger-er-er-ers: A bunch of clowns.

Gina-meana; the mad French juggler (collected from the beach) and Christina P.

There were two jugglers. A shark ate the other one. Lamma Fun day raised $158,000HKD for the charity. Any kids had fun. Fairly well-named event.

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