Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We've got that racing feeling...

whoa, that racing feeling.

On Saturday, August 5, the Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club (LOCC) entered its first race: The IPC Middle-distance Sprint Regatta, held in Deepwater Bay, Hong Kong.

There to fight the good fight for the Lamma men's crew were Oliver Armistead (point), Hugh Chow (2), Paul Davis (3), David Harris (4), the brave and glorious Christine Chester (5) and the crazed - "just paddled 10 kilometers to get here" Jon Buford (Steer).

For the Ladies' crew Undine Bischoff (point), Christina Kui (2), Katie McGregor (3), Arja Masson (4), Laura Bryant (5) and Gina 'please hydrate' Miller (steer); challenged four other ladies' teams for a chase and a fight on the water.

Following the 5km relay, where the LOCC got to perform their first-ever sea changes as a team (and we were slow, but clean!), the ladies crews hit the water for their middle-distance race.

As anyone who knows the Lamma Ladies Dragon Boat Team can attest: this is a crew made up of exceptionally determined women, and everyone in the boat poured their hearts into it. From Undine's hammering to Laura's grunting (as only Laura can!), everyone up and down the boat made a brilliant effort to chase and keep their placement in the race. And were they happy with 3rd place on their first day out?

You bet your ass they were!

The Start to the 5km Change-race Relay

The Lamma Men's crew (and the brave Christine) have had even less time than the women to form a coherent team, and they fought throughout their race to keep up with the pack. Arriving in under an hour (and a minute faster than the Lamma Women), they were ready for cold beer and a few hours or relaxation.

And the results were:

It's only August: there are many more races to come.

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